Frequently Asked Questions

It’s my first C.B. Conference. What should I volunteer to do?

The best way to meet people when you’re new is to volunteer for Green Shirts.

What is a Green Shirt and what do they do?

Green Shirts usually volunteer for one morning, afternoon, or evening during the conference. Their duties will vary depending on the time of day. They may include checking meeting rooms to be sure there’s water and ice available and the seating is arranged, answering questions, usually about the location of specific meetings, and generally being available in case some situation arises that needs attention. In the evening they have the fun of hugging arrivals to the evening speaker meeting and checking to be sure all attendants have badges.

Who attends the conference?

The Crested Butte Mountain Conference is a “family” conference. We encourage attendance of the entire family. Both AA and Alanon members are welcomed. Many families new in recovery have come to this conference and left with a newfound direction in their programs.

What is the weather in Crested Butte?

Typically, the weather is warm in the afternoons, usually including and early afternoon rain. The temperature cools off quite significantly at night, typically into the 40’s. We recommend wearing “layered” clothing and always having a light jacket available.

Can I still register or is the Conference filled?

The seating capacity of the Conference Center is 540. That means we must limit the number of registrants.  Registering early is recommended and opens on March 1.

We’ve changed our minds. Can we get a refund?

We have a policy of not issuing refunds, but you may sell or give your registration to someone else to use and we’ll be happy to make the transfer. If you’d like to post your registration for sale on our Bulletin Board page, you might reach a wider range of interested people. Click here to send your post for that page.

How do I transfer my registration to someone else?

Please Click here to notify us by email with the person’s name, address, phone number and email address, and we’ll send them a confirmation.

What is the altitude in Mt. Crested Butte?

The base camp at Mt. Crested Butte is 9003 ft. For most of us “flat” landers that is a big change and the air is quite thin. Be sure to drink lots of water before and during the conference. Also, be mindful of the intensity of the sun; wear sunscreen or other skin protection as the coolness outside can be deceiving.