Conference Registration

2021 Conference is cancelled…regretfully

Unfortunately, due to the uncertainty of the on-going pandemic, we are not able to secure the necessary conference facilities at any reasonable capacity to host an in person conference for either the main speaker conference room or smaller meeting rooms.  Additionally, food services and child care services are not able to be provided either.  With this in mind, we decided that we could not host a week long family conference.  We very much look forward to hosting a full and in person conference in 2022.  Regretfully, Crested Butte mountain conference service board.

Limited Attendance

THERE IS NO ON-SITE REGISTRATION.  Meeting space is restricted, and attendance is limited. Registrations are accepted on a first come and first served basis.

Registration Required

Only receipt of your registration and fee will consider you registered for this conference. Please note that simply making your lodging reservations will not allow your entrance to conference events. Admission to all conference events is limited to those persons wearing a Registration Badge. You must be registered to obtain this badge.

Registration fees are not refundable, but you may transfer your registration to someone else.

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