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This page is for you to use if you need to locate a roommate, a ride, someone to share expenses with on the trip, someone to buy your registration if you find you cannot come, someone to share your condo, etc. Use the following email form to describe what you are looking for. Remember to be specific:

  • Include your gender, especially if looking for a roommate.
  • If you’re looking for a roommate, do you already have a room reserved?
  • If you’re looking for a ride or to share auto rental expenses, give your preferred dates of travel.
  • If you want to share auto rental expenses from Colorado Springs, Denver or Grand Junction, include which airport and dates and times of airport arrival if you already have that.
  • If you have a car and are willing and would like to give someone a ride, include your travel dates and the city you’re driving from.
  • Include your contact information – whatever you’re comfortable with having posted on this site so interested parties may reach you.

Click here to send an email with your request or to ask questions. It will be posted to this page within about 24 hours, or if you’ve asked a question, you’ll receive an answer by email. Following are requests posted thus far:

Posted – May 22, 2022:

Ride share to / from Montrose airport and Crested Butte Mountain Conference

Private car service
(2 persons – room for up to 3 more persons)
Cost: $439 total for 5 passengers

Dates / times:
July 24, 11:16 am (flight arrives)
July 30, 12:28 pm (flight departs)

Please email ckseidl@gmail.com to share the ride!

Posted – July 11, 2022:


I will be bringing my acoustic guitar to Crested Butte.  If anyone would like to get together one afternoon and play a few notes…please give me a call and we can get something arranged.
Paul C.

Posted – July 14, 2022:

Looking to rent a couple of rooms for the week for my self and 13 year old son. If something comes up please let me know. peterspilger@mac.com

Posted – July 17, 2022:

Female arriving Saturday at 1:50 and leaving the following Saturday at 2:30. Don’t mind spending time at the airport.


We are unable to attend the conference and would like to transfer 2 registrations.
Please contact:

Beth F.

Posted – July 18, 2022:

Two of us are looking for a ride from Gunnison to CB on Saturday if anyone has room in their vehicle. We are arriving on United at 2:39 p.m. We also need a ride to the airport on Saturday 30, for UA 5700 departing at 7:46 a.m.
Lisa C

Posted – July 21, 2022:

If you need a ticket I have one ticket available for you.


One room in a two-bedroom condo for rent July 23-30; $580 for the week per person, max 2 people. Call Lisa at 214.478.8988 Twin bed and bunk bed in this room.


My husband and I have covid, so will not be able to attend the conference if there is anyone in need of 2 registrations. Susan Brown 325 207 1325

One registration to transfer available.
Lynn Bundy

Posted – July 23, 2022:

Flying thru Denver to COS Arriving DEN at 2PM Sat and COS 6PM Sat. Just in time to miss train from Den to Gunnison! Will spend the night and hopefully drive with you tomorrow. $50 towards gas. If I hear nothing will get off in DEN and take 1:55 train tomorrow Suzanne 617-637-1661. Text or call. Thanks. Flight to DEN delayed over 2 hours! Our higher powers must want us to connect!–


My name is Thomas Nichols. My wife and I can’t go and would like to transfer. We have 2 registrations and one slot for the golf tournament. Please text 678-485-5551.