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This page is for you to use if you need to locate a roommate, a ride, someone to share expenses with on the trip, someone to buy your registration if you find you cannot come, someone to share your condo, etc. Use the following email form to describe what you are looking for. Remember to be specific:

  • Include your gender, especially if looking for a roommate.
  • If you’re looking for a roommate, do you already have a room reserved?
  • If you’re looking for a ride or to share auto rental expenses, give your preferred dates of travel.
  • If you want to share auto rental expenses from Colorado Springs, Denver or Grand Junction, include which airport and dates and times of airport arrival if you already have that.
  • If you have a car and are willing and would like to give someone a ride, include your travel dates and the city you’re driving from.
  • Include your contact information – whatever you’re comfortable with having posted on this site so interested parties may reach you.

Click here to send an email with your request or to ask questions. It will be posted to this page within about 24 hours, or if you’ve asked a question, you’ll receive an answer by email.

Posted April 17, 2019 – Ride from Denver – There are two of us flying into Denver on July 27th at 7:10 a.m. and departing from Denver on August 3rd at 8:00 p.m.  Is anyone willing to share a rent car to drive to Crested Butte and back?  If so, please call Renee Kilroy 214-405-1184

Posted June 26, 2019 – Lodging needed
 Hello I will be traveling from Phoenix and am looking for lodging in the area. 2 adults two boys and gear. Thanks  Peter Spilger 602-616-0668 peterspilger@mac.com
Posted July 6, 2019 – Ride from Denver needed – I am looking for someone to ride with July 28th from Denver International Airport to the Conference Hotel in Crested Butte. I arrive with Frontier Airlines at 3:20pm. I am staying at the Conference Hotel with friends but their flight gets in earlier than mine. Please contact Kimberly at peacefulkimberly@live.com if you have room for an extra rider. I will assist with gas money and 1 day car rental.

Posted July 11, 2019 – Ride from Denver needed
Hi, I will be flying into Denver on Saturday, July 27th arriving at 12:20 pm (SW Airlines) and am looking for someone to ride with or ride along to the Grand Lodge.  I am scheduled to depart on August 3 at 12:30 p.m also on SW Airlines.  Please let me know if the schedule is close to what you are driving – I am pretty flexible if I need to wait at the airport for your flight to come in or if I need to get to the airport before my flight takes off (a few hours anyway).  Please call Mary F. at 816-820-2119.

Posted July 14, 2019 – Registration needed
Greetings. My name is Julie Laughter and I’m an alcoholic. I’m looking for two adult registration transfers for the conference. I missed the deadline and need two seats. I can use a cash app to reimburse your registration fee immediately or however you would like to receive it. Thank you  – Julie.Laughters@gmail.com. 972-803-0344
Posted July 16, 2019 – Registration needed
Looking for one registration transfer for conference.  512 563 2075 or tsstexas360@gmail.com, Matt B.
 Posted July 16, 2019 – Registration needed – I am in need one of registration ticket. please let me know if somebody has one I can purchase. Thanks, myamshon@gmail.com
 Posted July 16, 2019 – Registration needed – I’m looking for one registration to buy. I already have my plans to come. I’m kicking myself that I did not realize it could sell out. I’d appreciate any help. Thank you! jilliantosta@gmail.com or 650-678-3184.
Posted July 18, 2019 – Registration needed – I need 2 tickets for the conference. My cell phone is 972-743-5986 – Tony M.

Posted July 19, 2019 – Registration needed – I am looking for a single registration for the conference, please.    Alison West, 713/598-4182

Posted July 19, 2019 – Registration needed – I am looking for two registrations.  Please email or text me:  james@bohlsinterests.com and 512 917 5902

Posted July 19, 2019 – Registration needed – Yikes….I dropped the ball & am now in search of 2 tickets…would be super grateful as I have a new sponsee joining me this year… Please call my cell… 832.628.9780  – Rachael W.

Posted July 21, 2019 – Registration needed – I am looking for 1 registration spot and would like to know if someone is unable to attend this year’s conference.  would gladly pay you for transferring your registration.  Please call or text Chris at 918-812-2738.

Posted July 22, 2019 – Reservation available in Grand Lodge 2 King studio –

CB Mountain Conference 2 King Emmons StudioThe Grand Lodge Crested Butte Hotel and Suites;07/28/2019 – 08/03/2019 $984 including tax and fees; Adults: 2

Posted July 22, 2019 – Registration needed – I am already in Crested Butte and looking to register for the conference—looking for 1 ticket. Will gladly pay if you are unable to attend. Thanks, Eric 520 237-7770.

Posted July 22, 2019 – Reservation available 2 King beds –

My room is for 7/28-8/2. It will have two king beds (although they may be able to change it.) My number is 817-307-7714   – Vicki

Posted July 22, 2019 – Registration needed – Hello! I am in need of one registration for the conference. If you can’t attend please call or email to transfer. $$ I’ll pay! redcanvas@me.com or 682-558-3206  – Casey.